When humans first arrived on Mars, it was a cold and inhospitable planet incapable of supporting life. Though they could function in a minor capacity with containment suits, the humans soon turned to robotic droids to perform the tedious, difficult, and hazardous tasks their organic counterparts could not. Since then, droids have become a rather common sight in the workforce, at home, and even on the battlefield.

Droids are usually property, bought and sold like any other piece of equipment. Although some droid owners come to think of their droids as friends, the fact remains that droids are programmed to serve whoever is designated as their master. To the vast majority of droids, the concept of independence is unthinkable. Without someone to command them, what would they do?

Even so, ownership and control are two very different things. Droids must do what they are commanded to do to the best of their ability, but their programming dictates how they accomplice their orders. Ordered to find a replacement part for a hoverbike, a droid might commence a systematic search of the repair bay, then the docking facility, then the neighborhood, then the countryside, and so on – all the while thinking its actions are perfectly logical. Droids often need very specific instructions to do what their masters command, in a manner meeting their master's expectations.

Occasionally, events conspire to lead a droid to independence. These so-called "self-owned" droids are few, but not as rare as many believe. One might hear stories of droids that escape their masters after years of abuse, or of an entire line of droids that manifest violent personalities as the result of a programming glitch. However, independent droids are rarely haywire, rampaging killers. Independent droids often enter into partnerships with organic beings, particularly in colonies where a lone droid without a master draws a lot of unwanted attention. Independent droids sometimes seek each other out as well, hoping to find strength and security in numbers.

Bonus Traits: Features 1 (Nightvision), Heavy Armor 1, Life Support 2, Special Defense 3 (Aging, Disease, Poison)


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