The Juris Faction was the first genetic order of Homo Sapiens Facticius created, and had Doctor Dane Marr Vo had his way it would have been the only.  They perfectly symbolize and reflect on the old Aryan ideal of blonde hair and white skin, and are Caucasian in facial features.  They also possess a gold helix-shaped tattoo on each shoulder, known as a Signet, which is used for identification and designation – indicating which genetic programs had been incorporated during fetal development.  Their key identifying trait, however, is an immensely powerful extrasensory perception and telepathic abilities.  All Juris have the ability to read minds, and some – such as Exile commander Sariel Rae Juris – hone their ability enough to reach across staggering distances and even move objects.  Juris were created to be a symbol of beauty and perfection, and as such are considered superior even to other Exile factions.  For this reason, virtually all leaders and supervisors in any Exile organization are Juris.

Bonus Traits: Aura of Command 1, Mind Control 1 (3 pt, No Robotics), Mind Shield 1, Sixth Sense 1 (Empathy), Telekinesis 1 (2pt), Telepathy 1 (2 pt, No Robotics)


The Alarius Faction comprises nearly the entirety of the Exile Army and manual workforce.  They are designed and bred for physical resilience, strength, agility and combat prowess.  Alarius are identified by their albino skin, like all Exiles, and auburn-red hair.  They also have red tattoo Signets on their shoulders for identification.  The strength of the Alarius is legendary, and at times infamous.  Soldiers have been known to accidentally kill sparring partners and flip vehicles in a rage.  As such they are often viewed with caution, and kept away from any leadership capacity.  Many falsely presume famed Exile Jae Benedict to be an Alarius, due to her enhanced physique and reflexes, and identical coloring to the faction.  One key physical difference, however is that Benedict has blue eyes.  All Alarius have crimson.

Bonus Traits: Combat Mastery 1, Damn Healthy 1, Jumping 1, Regeneration 1 (2 pt, No Laser Damage), Speed 1, Super Strength 1 (3 pt, Full Body)


First commissioned by the Chinese government of Cassiopeia Colony, the Everri are genetically designed for stealth and espionage.  In homage to their patrons, they are all Asian in physical appearance, though devoid of all pigmentation in their skin and hair.  Apart from being the only purely-albino faction they are also identifiable by grey Signets on their shoulders.  Their most notable genetic trait is chromatic response.  When their skin is in contact with a given surface, they can change their color and tone to simulate it – creating a chameleonic camouflage effect.  When coupled with their trademark Parallax Suits, black form-fitting suits outfitted with a similar effect, they can become nearly invisible to visual detection provided they move slowly.

Bonus Traits: Highly Skilled 2, Invisibility 1 (5 pt, Visual Only), Special Movement 1 (Untrackable), Stealth 2


Desolates are a generic term given to supposedly "failed" Exile specimens.  Created by some mistake in design or accident in fetal development, they generally grow physically deformed or mentally handicapped.  Though most die in the fetal stage, those who survive are considered second-class members of Exile status, relegated to manual labor and kept out of sight of the general populace.  One known example is Rong Na, an Everri Desolate and "brother" of Astor Na.  Though from the same genetic brood, attempts to alter him into a Tresordi resulted in extremely grotesque deformities.

Bonus Traits: Marked 2 (Flaw); Light Armor 2; +8 Bonus Points


The Tresordi, or "Three Orders," were a rare and experimental brood of Exiles designed by Dane Marr Vo himself and developed at the Pan Ku Research Facility in Cassiopeia Colony.  They are in essence a combination of the other three primary factions – Juris, Alarius and Everri – and possess the genetic abilities of all three.  The Tresordi were nearly all destroyed in the raid on Pan Ku by the Chinese government.  The only known surviving Tresordi is Jae Benedict.


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