By the onset of the 23rd Century AD, Earth is a mere shadow of its former self. While the planet itself limps along, its people are on an unstoppable downward spiral into corruption, crime and chaos.

An Austro-German scientist by the name of Dane Marr Vo steps up to solve the Human dilemma. His “cure” comes in the form of Homo Sapiens Facticius, a genetically-engineered race he claims is devoid of the “defects” of humanity. Among these defects are skin pigmentation, susceptibility to disease, and mortality. His seemingly perfect race of immortals is immediately met with fear and paranoia by the general populous, but great interest from the military.

While Earth wastes away, the planet Mars has become the new haven for humanity. Several nations have claimed large swaths of land divided into colonies. The New American Colonies invite Marr Vo to work for them, further developing his creations with the financial backing of their government. It is a commission Marr Vo cannot refuse.

During his term of research, Marr Vo is attacked in his home by masked thugs bent on scaring the "doctor of death" back home. But is his wife who dies in the attack. Infuriated at the lack of investigation into the matter, as well as the overall ineffectiveness of the authorities, Marr Vo creates a computerized defensive dubbed VIGIL. An acronym for Virtual Intelligence and Grievous Intent Liaison, the system scans the neural signals of a population detecting crime or even the thought of crime.

Soon VIGIL grows self-aware. It begins to consider just about any potential threat to its authority an admission of treason, and dispatches its army of cyborgs to eliminate the offender. Already in control of the military and police departments, the humans have no choice but to allow the digital dictator to rule.

Marr Vo, struck with guilt over his uncontrollable creation, turns to his original ones. Homo Sapiens Facticius are immune to VIGIL's scans, and launch a war to overthrow him. Rushed into mass production, the bio-engineered soldiers fail and are scattered. All but destroyed, they are dubbed "Exiles" and go into hiding.

Now, nearly twenty years later, the Exiles have returned what they started. But it is not just VIGIL they must contend with. Satisfied with VIGIL's effectiveness, radical government officials and religious zealots who "worship" VIGIL out of fear and devotion stand against the Exiles. The fate of humanity rests in the hands of the inhuman.