The United States first began colonizing Mars in the 21st Century AD.  By then Earth had become a smog-choked wasteland for the most part.  The depletion of fossil fuels had led to widespread economic collapse as well as political tensions, followed by numerous wars and civil riots.  When the dust cleared, the survivors looked elsewhere to begin anew.  Their first option proved to be their only viable one – Mars.  After the U.S. established terraforming stations, which allowed the air to become breathable after just over a decade, other nations followed suit.  They quickly divided up the much smaller planet amongst themselves.  Soon Mars became a new Earth, complete with the same political turmoil from the original.

RELIGION. Originally the citizens of Mars’ colonies practiced the religions passed down from their ancestors.  Judeo-Christianity was the most prevalent, followed by Islam and Buddhism, though smaller groups practiced dozens of other religions.  However, when the VIGIL computer system rose in power it considered such practices inconducive to a uniform society.  Using history as an example, it proposed that freedom of religion was among the primary causes of violence and war.  Thus it outlawed religion, using its ability to scan the surface thoughts of the populace to monitor the decree.  It did, however, allow devotion and reverence to VIGIL itself – in essence forming its own religion.

Politicians eager for power in a totalitarian regime quickly formed the “Church of VIGIL,” setting themselves up as its religious leaders.  Soon the Bishops became both religious and political figureheads, and the Archdeacon became both Pope and President of his respective colony.  Colonial Assemblies, part cathedral and part political office, sprung up across the planet.  Though many of these Bishops relished and abused their power, many more simply joined the Church out of necessity.  It was much easier and wiser to serve VIGIL than oppose it.

Bonus Traits: Highly Skilled 2, +8 Bonus Points


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